My Weekly Goals… Everyone Else Is Doing It!!!

Yesterday an informal challenge to list weekly goals was issued by Fitness and Frozen Grapes and ChooseToLiveStronger. In the spirit of not wanting to be left behind and agreeing that goal setting is a great way to keep on track I figured I would share my weekly workout goals. Granted most of my weekly workouts are pre-planned a month in advance, but there are some small things that definitely change from week to week.  Goal setting is an awesome way to figure where you are going and what you need to do to get there.

My fitness goals for the week:

  • Monday – 30 minute Skills and 50 meter speed swim.
  • Monday – Tempo run (Or something similar)
  • Tuesday – Spin Class
  • Wednesday – Speed Interval Run – 1 minute speed followed by 2-3 minute regular pace 6 times.
  • Wednesday – 3 minute swim sets and some drill work for 1 hour
  • Thursday – Weight Lifting
  • Friday – Easy Run
  • Friday – 6 minute swim sets and some drill work for 1 hour.
  • Saturday – Long Run – shooting for 3 miles this week!
  • Sunday – 2 spin sessions back to back
  • Everyday – List food and keep track of calories on livestrong

If I pull it all off I should be at roughly 7-8 hours for the week.  I might also want to throw in another weight session.  That was supposed to be today, but the muscles are feeling really tight this morning so I decided to give the legs a break till spin class tonight.  On the 15th is weigh day, but I am still up in the air on this.  The middle of the month weigh is usually less important than the end of the month weigh and remeasure day.

While I am posting this a day late, Monday is in the books and went well.

What are your weekly fitness goals?

Til next time.



  1. Thanks Chatter for jumping into this challenge of setting Monday goals! Saturday on my blog I will give an update on how I did this week. SO FAR SO GOOD! Great full body strength training/cardio this morning. Stay strong!

  2. I use Monday to Sunday as my workout weeks, so I will have to update Sunday night or Monday morning.

  3. […] an earlier post I laid out my weekly goals based on a challenge from two other wonderful blogs in the word […]

  4. Do you set more specific short term goals? Like when you are weight lifting, do you set that you want to chest press XX pounds by the end of the week, up your weight by 5-10lbs each time?

    For instance, I have my broad goal to hit tricep and back tonight, and then smaller goals like I want to up my weight on the Vertical Traction machine to 120lbs for my last set and I want to single-dumbbell row at 75lbs for 6 today and at 80lbs for 6 by the end of the month.

    Sometimes being more specific can help you push yourself even further with your training!

    1. I usually set weekly goals, but that is usually in the distance covered in swimming and running and in the hours training. I do not weight lift as much and that usually is done to help stave off injury and fix muscle imbalances. I also usually set monthly/yearly goals which is in a different post. I like the specific goals but that has been hard to do till recently when I have gotten more used to my realistic output. For instance, in my long run this week I want to try for 3 miles continuous, but I am striving for 2 1/2 miles which is up from 2 miles. Swimming, I am striving to do 45 minutes to an hour and adding siting drills. With cardio work outs, sometimes these are the types of goals possible.

      So tonight I am swimming for an hour and doing speed run intervals. My first goal is to do them, the secondary goal for the speed intervals is to go faster but to job more on the recovery. In the swimming, I want to add a few more sets and practice sighting. So I guess I do. I usually go into every workout with a focus and idea of what I want to achieve.

      1. That’s perfect! Totally S.M.A.R.T. goal!

        S – Specific
        M – Measurable
        A – Attainable
        R – Realistic
        T – Timely

        Good luck achieving all your goals this week! 🙂

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