Saturday Open Water Swim… One day this will get Easier.

Today was open water swim day.  I  swam,  crawled and flailed my way over 800 meters of murky muddy lake water in 30 minutes.  It was not pretty and at times seemed difficult.  I have swam only one other open water swim and while I feel this was better, there still exists vast room for improvement.  I have to just keep telling myself  ‘One day this will get easier’.

First off, after doing two open water swims, I truly love it.  It is so thrilling to swim without the guarantee of land underfoot  and truly test the endurance.  In a pool I swim 6 minute laps with less than 5 seconds of rest between laps. I do this for 45 minutes or more.  Last set was 35 minutes totaling over a km of lap distance.  But in the open water, it is easy to get fluttered and panic, instantly tanking initial swim ability.  I tend to calm down toward the end of the open water swim, but that is too late I am too spent by that point.  I need to calm down and practice spotting and not let myself get my breathing out of pace or stop swimming and start crawling which destroys my arms.

The hard thing is that when I started this three months ago I was wasted after 250 meters of pool swimming and had to rest for a day to recover.  Now I have grown stronger with more endurance.  I have greatly improved, but I want more improvement and I want it now.  I want to swim 800 meters and not feel flustered and exhausted, without falling back on  a crawl frequently.  I just have to just keep telling myself it will come in time and I just have to keep pushing  toward my goal.

I just have to keep pushing and working and rely on my training to carry me into next year.  I also have to remember how out of shape  was and how far I have came so far.  I have to celebrate my success and keep moving forward. I have a plan, that will get me to my first triathlon next year.

Look at it this way, I have now pushed myself through 2 800+ meter open water swims and I am only getting better every time.  I am doing another at the end of the month and now have some comparable metrics.

I am just going to keep to the plan with my head held high and know that I will be where I want to be by the time I start racing next year.  With intelligence and determination I will be ready by next year.  Till next time.



  1. What a feat today! It takes time to meet goals. I really think that slow and steady will win out in the end. We’ve been programmed to want things right now. Instant gratification only creates spoiled kids and adults. 🙂 Week by week…we will all work hard…and meet those goals. Stay strong!

  2. If you ever need any swim tips, I just started a blog to help triathletes with the swimming. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

    1. Thank you, added you to my list of sites to follow. Looks great!!!

      1. Wonderful! I hope that you keep enjoying what you see here. We wish you the best of luck with your first tri and will check back in on your progress. In the meantime, let us know if you have any swimming questions or have any feedback for us.

  3. It gets easier, trust me!

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