OUCH… This is what progress feels like!

One week into the new plan and all is going well… er except the soreness.  Back  a couple of posts I mentioned my ‘Plan’ or ‘The Plan‘, how I was going to get from the couch to the finish line of a triathlon next year.  Three months ago I began to work on a simple base to build off of and to eventually enhance and expand.  This week, I started the next phase, pushing my limits a bit.  Based on some of my workouts this week, ouch! I have not been this sore since the end of the first month.  It feels good to be able to challenge myself and know my body can take the push.

Back in 2010  I received a very generous Christmas gift from a friend and I immediately snapped a picture with my phone and posted it on Facebook.  Well, back a couple of months ago, around the start of my crazy adventure, I was flipping through my stored pictures on my phone and came across it.  My wife looked at it and wondered how it fit in May 2012, so the second picture.  The last picture was last night as I prepared to go to the Falcons preseason opener.  I know it is only a few months, but my wife wanted to add a new picture to the grouping.  Sorry for the differences in quality and lighting, I can never get it quite the same.

If you ignore the loss in hair, I think there is quite a big difference from 2010 to today and even some difference from 3 months ago.  The hair came off after it kept getting too brittle from swimming 3 times a week and was a nightmare to maintain while taking 2-3 showers a day, so off it went.  While my main motivation is getting fit, the waist loss has definitely been a great motivator.  Funny thing is that in 2010 the jersey looks like it fits perfect and maybe even a little tight in places.  Now, it looks like I am wearing a tent!!!

Going to continue to wear that Jersey with a grin on my face… those things are expensive!!  Till next time.



  1. Woah you can really see the difference! Congratulations and keep up the hard work, keep challenging yourself!

  2. trikatykid · · Reply

    I think it’s interesting how your facial hair got lighter as you got lighter! Looks like progress to me! Keep it up!

  3. Actually in two of the pictures I had the same amount of facial hair.. in one the face is poofier! Thanks, hope it gives some inspiration. I truly am not a big fan of posting pictures of myself, but I get a kick out of these semi-candid moments and their results. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  4. You’ve done some major work and it shows…great job. The shower thing made me laugh…it gets ridiculous but necessary when working out so often. My weight began at 315…not a small number…I just got into the 250’s and ready to keep going. I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine. Ha ha. Thanks for finding me and all your ideas and encouragement. Long journey’s seem shorter when walking it with others. Stay strong.

  5. That is great progress, you must be pleased.

    1. Yes, more by the outward progress than the progress indicated on the scale. Looking forward to seeing how things look closer to December.

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  8. Awesome job!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  9. love love love the new u!! miss u tons my friend!
    but now i can say hello here!!!
    glad u r doing well!

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