A Tale of Two Spin Classes & Why I am Bike Challenged

As I am currently bike challenged (See last paragraph for explanation), I have gotten creative finding a means of getting some type of similar exercise.  While researching spin classes, after taking my first, it struck me as odd that I saw allot of comments chalking them up to nothing more than another cardio class.   I attended a couple more and was still struck with confusion.  The ones I attend are cardio, but they seem very heavy on cycling type of exercises: going up hills, pacing for straight ‘a’ ways, total core body, similar body bike positions.  I swear some of the classes even had exercises that came out of cycling workout guides.  Heck the instructor wore his cycling clothes to the class!!!!

This mystery was finally cleared up for me when I went to a class with a different instructor.  Right a way I could tell it was going to be different.  He talked about cardio exertion zones and what fitness benefit was going to be gained by specific bike positions.  He de-emphasized strokes and hills, it was all cardio in this class and very little about the bike.  Heck he even had on a t shirt and work out shorts… I should have known things would be different.  I got a good exhausting cardio work out in the end, but did not feel like I got any cycling type of work for my legs or my core, unlike the other class.

Now I truly understand that the spin class can truly be influenced by the person teaching it and I feel that it can be a great cycling work out.  Guess I will have to test this when I get my bike at the end of the year.

Why am I bike challenged is a different story.  I have read allot of beginning posts where spouses have gingerly let their husband/wife buy an expensive bike  (Jealous) from the get go.  But, I am in a different situation.  My getting into triathlon happened after we broke down the yearly budget and we have several high cost items that have to be funded this year, one of those being the all important anniversary cruise in November.  Also, as the only physical activity I did previously to this training was couch lounging and surfing, I do not have a mountain bike or junker to use.  So, my wife and I negotiated that I would be given some budget at the end of the year for a bike(somewhere around 1000 with basic gear).  So in the mean time I am having to be creative.  It is not a big deal in the fact it allows me to focus heavily on running and swimming and will give me 2 to 3 months of bike riding before I do my first triathlon.  Maybe I will get lucky and win one <GRIN>!

Till next time….



  1. Peaches · · Reply

    Good on you! Your motivation is inspiring.
    My dad used to be really into biking, especially mountain biking, but money was tight at the time. He was actually able to find some incredible second hand bikes for about the third of the cost just by doing some asking around. Bikes don’t really get worse. They might need new tired or something, but a good frame is a good frame. You could consider something like that if you thought it would suit you.

  2. I thought Craigs list for a while, but the budget is really tight right now, so I figured not to push my luck with the wife. She is already on the edge a little with the training schedule and getting used to her husband no longer being a couch potato.

  3. […] it would be perfect.  Turns out we had a substitute for the evening which bummed me out a bit ( Catch my previous post here as to my take on spin classes  and why this matters).  It was still good overall and there was definitely some stiffness from not doing […]

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