Its all in the plan!

I just finished my first 12 weeks of my triathlon training plan!  When I started this endevour, to get myself in shape and to participate and enjoy a sprint triathlon, I realized I had to have a plan.  As I was so out of shape 30 seconds of running felt like it would give me a heart attack!  The important thing though was the plan.  Granted, I have never studied sports training or participated as an athlete so training like one was definitely foreign.  With Joel Friel’s training bible and the internet in hand I delved into the world of sport specific training and started to learn everything I could on how to setup and implement an endurance training regiment.  But, I did not want to wait to start… so I figured a good base would help and that is what I have been doing for the past 3 months, building the base.

When first starting, I was researching plans and they all assumed a base level of fitness, run 20 minutes, swim 500 meters….  Well, being a couch potato and video game junkie did not give me that level of fitness,  three stairs or a walk to the mail box and I was out for the count.  So, while I researched training plans, strategies and methods I figured I would start the couch to 5k for running so I could at least run 30 minutes by the time I started the training for my first triathlon next year.  I also started focusing on teaching myself total immersion swimming and started simple drills to build my endurance and technique.  Since I have monetary obligation restraints right now, I also had to find a way to train for cycling without a bike(more on this in a later post).  The goal was to build the base level of fitness for 3 months till I started my training plan.

After 3 months I can truly say this was the right way to go!  I can now run 30 minutes (granted my mile pace is around 16 minutes) and can swim confidently for over 1k of distance.  Cycling wise, I have been training with spin classes and a stationary trainer.  Looking back at my last three months, on average I was working out 6-7 hours a week, often doing two a day workouts.  It was all volume building, but that is what I needed.  As well, during the adjustment, every four weeks I reduced the hours and spent time recovering.

So now, I am starting the next phase.  Now it is time to start ramping up the hours and length of the workouts, truly expanding on endurance.  Using the Friel Bible I think I have a good plan heading toward my first triathlon next March  and beyond.  I am sure the ground work I have laid down will provide a solid base for increasing the training hours and intensity.  I now aim to ramp it up to 9 hours for the next two months and then start a base period focusing more intensely on endurance and a little on speed.    So far I am having a blast watching everything unfold and seeing everything  working according to the plan.

Good things are happening so far… til next time.


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Keep it up!

  2. […] Part of my current Triathlon training involves seriously working on my running.  When I started in May 30 seconds of running would have doomed me for days, leaving me wheezing and out of breath and muscles twitching like crazy.  I am not exaggerating, it was that bad.  But this is now, I can run 40 minutes for 2.5 miles.  Granted I won’t come close to breaking a turtle’s speed record, but I have plans that I am working on to improve this, as I have mentioned previously. […]

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