Mirror in the bathroom…

I just had one of those cool realization moments.  For the past 3 months I have been working at Triathlon training,  I have hit milestones I never believed possible and weight has been all over the place.  I did lose 3 inches from the waist and I have started to feel more athletic and thinner mentally.  But the mirror still lagged behind the mental perception, I still had a large waist and looked extremely, horrendously out of shape.  After I got in from my run yesterday morning I walked into the bathroom and saw my self  in the mirror for the first time truly looking how I felt… fantastic,athletic and healthy!

With blankets of perspiration covering my body and a satisfied grin on my face, staring back at me for the first time in three months was a thinner, more athletic, looking me.  My stomach had shrunk noticeably while my arms and legs hinted at muscularity and power.  Both showing some signs of muscular definition, even though relatively minor.  After three months, things are coming together.  My mental image and physical image are slowly starting to merge into one picture.  I think this had led to increased confidence in the way I carry myself.  Fellow gym goers have complimented the change in appearance not just in weight loss but in swagger and new exuding confidence.

I still have allot of work to go and more of the waist to lose.  I will have to eventually post some pics.  Most importantly is after 3 months of hard work and small minute changes, the larger picture is coming into focus and driving me to continue to push on toward my first triathlon/triathlon season starting March of next year.  Just have to stick with it and remember, it will take time.  It took 3 months to notice large changes and it might take 3 more to see more drastic results.  In the mean time I just have to stick to the plan and continue to push on.

Til next time…


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