Where It all Started

Back in the middle of May when I first got the itch to do a triathlon I  probably would have been the last person you would have expected to decide to undertake any sporting activity, let alone one that required training in three sports.  My nights were spent on the couch in front of  the television, I had quit a pack or so a day cigarette habit and replaced it with electronic cigarettes and my diet was chaotic.  I was an extreme couch potato.

But the larger challenge of doing a sprint triathlon and giving myself a year to get in shape for it was just the motivation I needed to change everything in my life, especially my eating, working out and life style habits.

Within the first week of starting my triathlon training I gave up nicotine.  I looked for sprint triathlons that would be roughly at the end of April and were consistently held the same time and I figured out a basic training program that would allow me to not only complete the event, but would allow me to enjoy it.

But starting was not an easy task… here is why:

Running – 30 Seconds of super slow jogging caused my heart rate to rocket up to 180.  Furthermore it took minutes for it to get back to a reasonable 130.

Swimming – Found 250 yards/meters (not sure which for my local pool) was exhausting and anything more would have required a miracle.

Bike – Did not own a bike.  Last time I biked I was trying mountain biking and got tired of being thrown over the front of the bike too many times.  Got rid of that bike ages ago.

Waist – Pant size says 50, but the tape said 53 or so.

Weight – 308.

So, in my mind 12 months were in order.  I had a long way to go to be able to achieve my goal of doing a triathlon.


  1. You have a great story! http://www.runnersworld.com/training is a great website for finding the right training plan. You should check it out!

    1. Thank you. I am an avid reader of Runners world through my Nook subscription love it. I have used pieces of that website frequently to create my current running plan.

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