Where I am today

2010 - 2012

340 in 2010 compared to 298 in May 2012.

Last post I discussed about where I was when I began this three months ago.  So now I wanted to take  a moment to highlight some of my achievements in the last three months time.  The biggest of these has been sticking to my training plan.  I set my plan up to be a simple volume builder that will work as a base, basically to bring my fitness up to normal levels.  So far it has gone well and I have pretty much stuck to the schedule.  I am still tweaking the plan here and there, but over all it is solid.  It has been fun doing running and swimming three times a week and then lifting and biking twice a week and and extra day of bike on Sundays (Actually spin class or stationary cycle as I do not have a bike yet).

Weight has been an interesting issue.  By the middle of June I had gotten down to 296, which was pretty good.  But there I stayed till two weeks ago when my weight began to climb all the way to 312.  While I gained this weight and kept it for a couple of weeks, I still noticed my clothes feeling too large on me and my waist kept shrinking.  At first it was agonizing, but then I just said heck with it and keep track of weight, but focus on how I feel.  Ironically, in the last 7 days I went from 312 to 296, on the same diet.  I think the body was just adjusting itself to the strain of two a day cardio work outs and all the focus work.

Swimming, I taught myself total immersion swimming (for the most part) and have found that I am getting stronger every session.  I can drill longer now than I used and this last weekend I participated in my first group open water swim.  I struggled through 650 yards, but I did it.  I never would have thought that I could do that in a million years.

Running is probably the biggest  improvement.  I am working through the Couch to 5k (at my own pace, if I finish a week I move on, other wise I do it again).  I can now run two sets of 8 minutes with a 5 minute walk in-between.  My heart rate usually stays close to 150 and does  not get higher than 160.  Also, now my recovery from 150 to 115 takes less than 45 seconds usually.  Imagine, I could not run more than 30 seconds 3 months ago.  Distance and pace still need improving, but I am going to finish running by time first.  Current progress leads me to believe I should be able to enter a 5k by October and that is what I am planning on.

Of course the biggest change was the removal of all extraneous hair.  I found the pool made my hair brittle and unmanageable, not to mention the effects of taking 2 showers a day.  So, a very short buzz cut and a tight goat tee was what remained.

Till Next Time…



  1. Good for you man! This is a cool way to keep track of your progress.

  2. Its also a great place to put all the stuff that flies through your head when you are running or swimming… well besides make the pain stop!!!!

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