The finish line chute.

Last weekend I participated in the inaugural Ragnar Trails Atlanta race at the Conyers Georgia Olympic Horse Park.   While Ragnar road relay races have been hosted in various locations for years, the trail format is relatively new.  Since I started running over two years ago, I have desired to participate in a Ragnar race. […]


This weekend, Saturday night, I ran my first nighttime trail race, the Yeti Nightmare five and ten mile trail run.  While I wanted to do the ten mile run, I opted instead for the five since Ragnar is a week away and I have never ran these trails in the night or daylight.  I added […]


After two years of being active I am very familiar with running and triathlon races and the one thing I live by with races is that the unknown is likely to happen.  Every race and day of running and racing seems different, often without discernible differences.  Knowing that running races will always have some form […]


I awoke this morning at my usual 5AM time with the goal of getting to the gym and swimming.  As soon as the alarm went off I rolled my legs out of bed and right away I knew I needed to just sleep in and skip the morning swim.  I hate missing workouts, but there […]

4 Miles left to go and mostly uphill from here.  Great view though.  I was crawling by this point.

Part of what I really enjoy about running is pushing my limits.  I would love to go faster, but deep down I really want to know how far is too far.  Last month I pushed the limits a bit and ran just a bit shy of fifteen miles.  So this month I decided to have […]


If you could not tell I have Ragnar fever, probably will for the next three weeks.  As I mentioned previously, my prime goals right now involve preparation for my final half marathon before triathlon season and my upcoming Ranar relay race.  Last week and this week I began incorporating one running workout with four hours […]

Me at the Chasing Moonlight 5k.

First week of March is in the books, surprising me how fast things are moving this month.  As I mentioned previously (here) my goals for March are simple: continue to prepare for triathlon season and focusing on my designed run program.  Of course adding  a Ragnar relay race into the beginning of next month has […]


As I mentioned in my last post (here) my biggest goal right now is to prepare for the Ragnar Atlanta trail relay race.  For the uninitiated Ragnar races traditionally were held on roads and often were point to point races stretching between Chattanooga and Memphis, Fort Lauderdale to Key West and several other point to […]

The final push to the end.

Lately my blogging habits have been utter rubbish.  If I have been lucky I have managed maybe a feeble post a week.  Of course this trend is not a result of creative drought, instead its a product of an extreme training schedule mixed with hectic work demands, the Olympics and extreme weather.  All that aside […]

Originally posted on Running On Healthy:
A few years ago when I first came back to really running on a regular basis I was reading an article in the New York Times.  It was the week before the New York Marathon and the article was about marathon runners and how certain runners regard others.  The…


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