Early 2011 on the left and my recent vacation photo on the right.  Not sure percentage on left but I now am at 30%.

When I started this journey, way back in April of 2012 and a few years earlier I had reached my heaviest weight, 365 pounds and was in the worst shape.  I had never been an athlete and rarely would the concept of athletics ever come up, unless it involved television or video games. Back then […]

Ready to conquer the day!!!

Last week I ended the second week of my 50k training program with my first proper LSD run.  In running, LSD stands for Long Slow Distance run.  They are embraced and used in both marathon and ultramarathon plans, but the ultramarathon.  From what i can tell the difference is that ultra plans have the LSD […]

Ready to conquer the day!!!

Last week I concluded the second week of my ‘Ultra’ based running program and closing out my numbers for July.  It has been a while since I posted any of my numbers on this site, but now that I am focused on a very difficult goal I figured it might be good to at least […]


Its five A.M. … my alarm goes off, sounding like an out of tune and slightly broken fog horn.  I am groggy and I am sore, even though the day before was an off day.  One week into the ultra training plan and my body is in full ‘complain’ mode.  Last week I tackled three […]


In my last post I revealed my big goal for the end of the year, run a 50k, ignoring the marathon distance  in the process (here).  A few weeks before I wrote that post, mentally I was not invested yet, it was a goal without substance or structure. Then I committed to it, registering for […]

What did I get myself into?

Three years ago I set a goal for myself that would alter every aspect of my life: Run a 5k by the end of the year (this was 2012).  This goal eventually grew to the bigger goal of completing a triathlon, which morphed into the completion of enough events to be officially ranked.  Unlike previous […]

My third place medal.  On the back its marked 3rd and the ribbon has the distances of the race.

At the beginning of the year my wife decided she wanted to try her hand at camping on Amelia Island (only an hour or so north of  Jacksonville and close to the Florida/Georgia border).  Last year we visited the island for my disastrous Olympic/International distance triathlon, the Amelia Man Triathlon , resulting in a  discouraging […]


The first part of this post can be found here. When I awoke the following morning the freezing biting cold had made sleep difficult.  The great thing about camping out in the open was being able to stay in my sleeping bag, roll over and get water boiling for coffee.  As the sun came up […]

Another picture of the sunset from Standing Indian Mountain.

  This year July 4th weekend fell on a Friday.  While all my running friends, and probably every runner in the state of Georgia, were preparing to run the Peachtree Road Race, I saw a three day opportunity to get some back to back running and hiking miles.  I figured for the first time in ages […]

What did I get myself into?

This year I set some very large running goals.  To accomplish these goals I had to increase my weekly mileage and focus on becoming accustomed to longer long runs.  With this increase in distance and time spent on running I have also decided it was time to really figure out my nutrition strategy for long […]


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